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Small update that's huge for our mobile viewers! Yup you can now use the forums on tapatalk which is an Android and iPhone app for... Well forums!

I'm actually making this update from the app


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Welcome to the new SkuggiNet site! We'll be organizing everything related to our community from here! I decided to change out from the software we had previously been running due to just way too many bots trying to get us to buy Name Brand Drugs for Cheap from Russia!

While I'm sure that some would have undoubtablly loved these special offers and coupons in exchange for only a credit card number, and social security number. I figured it would be best to move to a much more powerful software where we can implement new features easier and keep them pesky bots away a bit easier as well.

If you guys would like to see something new on the site feel free to drop a comment here or make a new thread when the appropriate forums come online :D