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Hey gang! Navi here! For everyone here, I know things have been dark for quite some time. However, I'd like to kind of break that silence and bring forth what exactly has been going on.

So, I have been trying to figure out what exactly is going to happen with The Lounge Stream Team on Beam. As much as I would like to say things are going well on my end, they aren't. There's a lot of stuff on my plate at the moment, so I'm having to bring on more people to higher positions to try and get things situated.

Alternatively, A Team meeting will be happening soon (considering it has been months since the last one) Where a variety of things will be set forth amongst myself and the team to see exactly where we stand.

Finally, there are going to be some changes as to how the team is being run. Being only one person, it's hard to manage this, my own stream, and relaying all the messages to the team and followers of The Lounge. With this, I sincerely apologize over how inactive I have been with the team, the forums, and relaying any information to everyone associated with the team/ Official Team members.

With that said, I will be attempting to get everything squared away for May so we can do things proper!