Start Branding Yourself and Content Now!

The next step in the journey for getting your content out there and to the masses is to brand yourself, brand your content and this is more than just adding on a watermark to your content. Your Brand is what will be used for you to market yourself with, it’s what will be shared when […]

Format your Social Marketing Content!

This is where a lot of people go wrong when going to Social Marketing for their Livestreams and even Static content. Some will simply use platforms built in ‘share’ link and think they have marketed their content. If you do this you are literally doing it wrong. If you were to use this share button […]

Have you created a Content Marketing Schedule yet?

This is a big stickler for most companies out there, and believe it even if you’re not currently making money, you are still a company. Unlike most companies though, you’re in the business of generating content, this is what you do, it’s your passion. Even when you are livestreaming you are creating content. Now you […]

Content Creators, Get Social!

It amazes me each day how many content creators are out there who ignore social. Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even the official forums for a game you are playing and creating content about are huge! They are the virtual community hubs of others who are involved with the scene, they are literally targeted […]