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So you've been lured into the SkuggiNet, The last salvation of digital entertainment on the internet! Pretty dramatic and awesome 80's movie sounding right?!

The hope is when you're in the net, your able to kick back, release your inner badass and step away from the real world for awhile. The goal is when you hop into the stream and I'm all like "How you be?" the answer should be "Better now that I'm here."

I do a million things a minute most the time while we're live and we keep adding to it everyday. I've got a great and crazy idea that we're working on everyday to improve it, and it needs your help. I've started project escapism in chat, it's designed to rethink how we interact within this expanding circle of badasses and foster that ability to step away from the real world and enjoy some entertainment.

I've opened up the Project Escapism forum so you can always post ideas, and thoughts, both the good and the bad as we're doing something fundamentally different and there's going to be mistakes as it's natural in creating something new from the ground up.

To make it clear, we're still a more mature stream, that part isn't changing. We're not going to magically be switching to PG and Fluffy Bunnies. This is going to be more like, let's not talk about having the Flu, because there's a chance another viewer is worried about getting the flu at work, and then another viewer could be worried about their mother who's now in the hospital because she had the flu and it got bad. They came to the stream to get distracted from the real world and that snaps them back into it. Get it? But say for instance we're talking about "The Dollar Flu" in The Division, well that's in context of this alternate reality we're in, so its generally safe. See where it gets hard?

So that's the mission, we're making a community around badassery and having a place to kick back and enjoy yourself in your limited free time without having to worry like there's kids in the...