Heavy Bowgun (HBG) Regen Build.

This morning I got to the final stages in my first HBG build.  After all the play last night on stream with it, I wanted to make it more sturdy.  I was originally trying to build around getting my weapon sheathed and using my items.  As much as we worked in that fashion last night it just wouldn’t come out the way I was hoping.  This morning I came to the conclusion I need to simply do more while I have the weapon out, hence the Vaal Hazak gear.


So doing this kind of setup, I was able to retain the higher attack and affinity that was enjoyable last night on the stream, giving us bigger numbers with the piercing ammo.

I am able to regen health at a good rate thanks to the Vaal Hazak Vitality and the Recovery Speed which are also boosted by the Recovery Up.

Evade Extender is able to push up our already great evade to really help push us out of sticky situations.

1pt in Critical Boost is able to provide the most bang for our buck out of 1 point.

We round it out by throwing in our two attack jewels just to give us a little bit of a bump there.

In the end we have 395 ATK base with a 10% affinity 2 shields giving us a bit more DEF when we’re getting eventually tapped by the monsters and a little extra ranged so we can keep our spacing.