Switch Axe Raw Damage Build

This is my primary raw damage Switch Axe build and is one of my favorite in Monster Hunter: World.  With the use of Weakness Exploit it does require you to know the weak points of the monsters for overcoming the negative affinity native on Diablos weapons and with that your going to want to Augment the Axe of Demons down the extra 10% affinity.

Everything is pushed towards maximizing each hit, we use max tier handicraft for when your letting damage rip in Axe mode with protective polish as well, it’s not needed in sword mode tho, so after letting it rip and breaking polish, swap over to axe with a bit of white sharpness left and start building into your Elemental Discharges.

This is actually a rather easy and simple build, only requiring a small amount of Jewels, and you can swap out with other utilities until you build this small Jewel collection.

Overall stats are pretty decent, 1012 Atk bumps us over that 1k mark while maintaining a respectable defense and not too much elemental weakness, even at -9 you’ll survive a couple shots from a tempered Kirin.