Are you “Going Live” correctly on Social?

A lot of people will blindly tweet out “Going Live” posts on twitter.  This is a common mistake of a lot of new streamers who don’t understand Social Media even though well, if you’re streaming then you’re already a part of Social Media.


The first mistake a lot of streamers make is simply that they have no clue of why they’re even on different social media platforms.  If you are asking yourself “Why am I doing this?” or even better is if you’re telling yourself “I have to do this because it’s what I’m supposed to do.”  Then STOP do not post another thing on Social Media until you’ve figured out your purpose.   We’ll touch on this a bit more towards the end.

The second mistake often made is to use a “Share Button” or an auto-posting tool.  Do your viewers come to your streams to watch pre-recorded content?  No.  That’s what I thought. Then you should be in the moment curating content to let your viewers know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and if applicable why you’re doing it.


How do I know if I’m doing it wrong?

The first signs are much like the first mistake that’s often made.  If you have no clue why you’re on a social network outside of your stream then you are most likely doing it wrong.   Fear not because there is still hope!  To rectify this it’s very simple to start and all you have to do is take a look at your followers, check out their twitters and facebook pages etc.  Get to know your viewer base and following to see what they’re already interacting with on Social Media and allow yourself to gather some insight on how they use the platform and interact with other brands and platforms as this will help you to grasp who your viewers are and how they like to be marketed to.

Next step is to look at other industry (Gaming, Streaming etc.) accounts that are firmly planted, like your favorite streams and brands.  Figure out what they’re doing in the social space and further gain ideas.

Finally ask yourself what goal you are accomplishing by being social.  If you find you are accomplishing nothing, then quit wasting time and focus on something that will benefit your audience.  I find this to be a rare exception though as there is always something to be gained in the social space.  Some reasons could be. (Pro tip: There can be more than one reason, and should be.)

“I am providing a social channel for my audience to continue to engage and interact with me in topics other than my stream.”

“I am providing a secondary alert system outside of my primary platform which my users will be able to check even if something were to go wrong with my platforms alert system.”

“I am looking outside of my streaming platform to gain channel growth by marketing my stream outside of my current on platform network.”

Any of the above reasons and most importantly the reasons you may have come up with that are not listed are completely acceptable.  The important thing is that you have a reason and follow up with it on every post you make.  Ask yourself before hitting the submit button if this post will help you accomplish your goal or reinforce your reasons for being on a social platform.


Another and simple test to see if you’re doing it wrong is to look at your social page.   Is the only thing that you see posted your “Going Live” posts?   Even if that’s the majority of your posts then it’s wrong.  You need to provide useful and/or entertaining content to your audience to keep it active in their feeds.  You should easily have more content posts than “Going Live” posts.  3:1 ratio minimal would be a good start.   “Going Live” posts are the absolute worst performing via metrics and will not help you stay active in your social circle because the nature of what they are.  You are telling people you are live on your streaming platform.  This triggers a viewing experience that is not going to gain a lot as the ones who see it, will bring up the stream on their preferred device in ways other than clicking your link most likely.  They also won’t generate comments unless you specifically put in a call to action that include having your audience comment on that going live post.


Another huge mistake is using RT services and tagging other streamers.  Unless your targeting your post specifically to a person for a very narrow and legitimate reason any tagged streamers are going to brush past the mention as they’re more than likely busy connecting with their own audiences.  If your tagging a RT service, well think of it like this: how many RT services are you following and are you using them to find streams?


Finally you should be doing simple steps in your post if you’re not already doing this then yup you’re doing it wrong.  Include relevant and especially sponsored Hashtags check out the developers twitter account and see what Hashtag they’ve been using for the game you’re playing, or event you’re attending. If you come up with nothing on the Hashtag, then go ahead and @ the developer once.  Add a relevant image from what you’re doing to your post for a lot of games you can find a Media or Fan Site Kit on their official website jammed with images you can use.


Social when done correctly and with a focus on using it to enhance your audiences experience can be an amazing tool! When done incorrectly however you can turn a potential huge positive experience for your audience into a black hole or even worse a negative experience.  This doesn’t mean you should run away from social but it does mean you should explore it and find out why your using it as well as how it can help you to create an even more awesome experience for your audience so just remember, it’s not a digital billboard but a place where discussion and content flows.