Content Creators, Get Social!

Getting Social is Key!

It amazes me each day how many content creators are out there who ignore social. Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even the official forums for a game you are playing and creating content about are huge! They are the virtual community hubs of others who are involved with the scene, they are literally targeted audiences sitting out there waiting and looking for more content.

There’s very little more you could ask for when looking to market your content out to the masses. Think about it this way; You want more people interacting with Your Content right? They’re out there searching for more content in these communities! It’s like opening a dating app and boom here are people who match you 100% and already are talking to you.

As a content creator, you should consider it part of your work flow to learn social and how to effectively advertise on social.

So here’s your homework Content Creators, look up Hashtag Researching, this simple and easy step with tons of techniques and free tools out there will be your #1 easiest and best step into helping spread your Content out to awaiting consumers!

Try it out and let me know how it goes.