Format your Social Marketing Content!

This is where a lot of people go wrong when going to Social Marketing for their Livestreams and even Static content. Some will simply use platforms built in ‘share’ link and think they have marketed their content. If you do this you are literally doing it wrong.

share links available to

If you were to use this share button for example your tweet would look like this.

This is generic and will not really show in any of your follower’s feeds as eye catching and will most likely be skimmed over without the follower even registering that your live.

The problems here are that there is nothing that will show up in searches such as hashtags, there’s nothing that draws an eye to your content. It’s also the same default message that everyone on the platform has. Now Beam users can customize this message and you should! Anything that deviates from the normal has more potential to draw attention to your Social Marketing attempts.

Now we can fix formatting to draw attention across all our social channels. We can even use services such as but that’ll be for a later post. For now, look at my latest Going Live Blast using a simple pic and some proper hashtags.

For me everything originates on Instagram.

Then We trickle down to Twitter.


And finally we end up on Facebook.

Facebook naturally will cross promote my Instagram as its parent company.

Now this was a very simple setup and formatting. It includes my trigger hashtag of #live to setup my multi post through IFTTT and serves as a marketing tool as it can show up for people searching for live. There’s an inside joke and typo all in one as a bonus to the regulars. It also includes #halo so yup, people searching for halo have a chance to come across my content. I don’t use a URL shortner as I am not concerned at this point for tracking domain landings and it leaves Beam.Pro as once again it can show up in searches!

So here is a very simple actionable tactic that you can employ right now! Go ahead and give it a try and drop me a comment here to let me know how it went or if you have any questions!