Get your foundation in order, not stuff.


Streaming Equipment.

9 Months ago I said I was retiring from streaming. It was a bad point in life where it was me against the world and I was surrounded. There wasn’t much wrong with the stream itself, actually it was going along as it has been for a good long time. It was routine actually. The only problem was technical difficulties of the platform I had been on, but the little added stress of viewers not being able to watch was just the straw that broke the camels back.

I was quickly talked into just moving my show over to another network as a life raft maneuver after just a few weeks. But in that short time off, I was having issues breaking myself of the routine I had already built. But it made me realize that a lot of stuff had become automatic, and I was just managing the machine.

I took a deep look at my show, and my content. I had already been feeling my content wasn’t developing how I was imagining it when I planned out a show but hey, I’m always hard on myself.

The truth of the matter was, I had become stale and was wasting time maintaining the routine rather than really pushing something new. I was working on fixing stuff, and keeping stuff up and running rather than just dealing with that little thing called CONTENT! and as we all know “Content is King.”

So before getting started again, I literally got rid of every distraction. I hooked my mic directly into my USB Interface and plugged it into my gaming PC. I hooked my capture card to the gaming PC and unplugged my streaming PC. I made a new set of default alerts from Streamlabs and my Xsplit had 3 sources in it. 1. Webcam 2. CapCard and 3. Alerts.

Then I went live like this for almost 2 months. I was able to find the cracks in the foundation of my show, I saw what was happening, that kept getting pushed out of my vision because I was dealing with a bunch of equipment and crap that is only really of use when your content is actually good.

It took another 2 months of redeveloping myself and patching up the foundation to where I started adding some GFX back in, this time looking at everything and if it didn’t add to the content it didn’t go in. Now things were shaping up and the “Stuff” was actually working with my content. I made my own standards and held to them to keep things moving in the direction I wanted, not where it was going to take me.

Another month passed and I realized I wanted to do a bit of a skit, and stopped myself as I knew I would probably blow out my headphone users eardrums so my audio rack got added back into the mix only then, and only because it met the standard of “Is this truly going to add to my content?”

I want everyone who streams, or is thinking of streaming to realize this. I have been in broadcasting for 16 years now. I have collected a bunch of crap over the years (It doesn’t help that I’m a huge tech geek). NONE of it at the time was helping me develop content, it was actually getting in the way. I had to go back to where most of us start with a mic, a webcam, a game and some alerts with mr. zombie guy chasing our followers. Those 4 things alone was all that was needed to start growing again and feeling good about what I was creating.

Keep your amazon wishlists and carts growing, tech can be extremely fun but before you 1-Click Purchase it remember “Content is King.”