Have you created a Content Marketing Schedule yet?

This is a big stickler for most companies out there, and believe it even if you’re not currently making money, you are still a company.

Scheduling Social Media Posts in Hootsuite.

Unlike most companies though, you’re in the business of generating content, this is what you do, it’s your passion. Even when you are livestreaming you are creating content. Now you need to think about it as your product, this is what allows you to grow even if not for a profit. You grow as people consume your content which is why you must market it as your product.

To do this in the easiest starting way possible I want you to go through this thought process. I will add my own answers in ()

What is my show about?

(Competition, Education, Fun)

What am I going to be doing this week?

(M-Halo, T-Halo, W-Overwatch TH-Overwatch, F-Halo Viewer Games)

Now that I have a schedule in place for my content and I know what I’m about I’m able to easily translate this into my Social Media posts that will directly boost interest in my content for that night. I would want to then curate a Content Schedule and depending on your games etc. this can be planned a week in advance or you may want to do this every morning for the latest information. Some days there will be nothing exciting happening so you may want to check into old content, make new content yourself to spread to social media or go a bit off topic for just that day with information that may interest your viewers.

An Example of a Content Schedule.



Link to Article about the new HCS Preview.


Self-Post Thoughts about the changes to weapons.



Link to Article about latest eSports news revolving around HCS


Link to Good written post about something relating to shooters.



Link to Article Latest Blizzard News about Overwatch


Self-Post Thoughts on the latest Hero



Link to eSports news around Overwatch


Link to more eSports news around Overwatch



Follow Friday post!


Self-Post informing viewers who want to participate to make sure they’re ready to go when the stream goes live.

You can see I was able to keep those posts focused around what my show is about and the content I was producing later that day.

Now that was a pretty basic schedule that anyone can implement, now your times and topic will change based on what you actually do weekly and you can add in other items if for instance your also creating a podcast or a YouTube series.

The primary thing is that now you have a template to get started on. This is much better than sitting dormant and hoping people stumble across your content. Make sure each of your social media channels is branded and linked back to your primary places of content, Beam, Twitch, YouTube, Sound Cloud, Etc.

Finally do not forget to promote your social channels in your content. Provide links under your streams, in the info for each of your YouTube videos. Make it as easy as possible for your fans to connect with you and this will further help promote your content and brand via retweets, likes and shares.

One last tip is to use a scheduling service for managing your calendar. Programs out on the web like Hootsuite and Buffer are amazing for setting this up across multiple social channels. Oh yea, don’t forget to check your dates. The goal on this blog is a new story every Sunday, this Sunday is Easter so better to post on Saturday!