Pick up Secondary Skills to compliment your Content!


How did people figure out fire firebuilding?

This is why it’s not a bad idea to branch out with your brain and pick up some secondary skills where you can also apply them to your content. This will help round out your skill set, it will make you more independent in your content creation and allow you to freshen things up.

Lets go over a stream, even at a basic level with no investment in equipment yet, there are skills you are using. Videography, Photography, Audio Engineering, Social Marketing, Public Speaking. You probably haven’t even realized all the things going on just for you to go live, you can even add more to this list but those are the easiest to point out.

Each skill is a doorway into learning and even mastering those skillsets. You can take classes in practically all of them, or just work on mastery yourself. You can pick up a cheap camcorder or camera and work on videography and photography! Want to do it on the cheap? Well you have both of those devices in a nice package on your phone! Do it for yourself, it’s not like you have to post any of it, but working those skills will help you get better and you can use the new things you find out directly in your content!

Audio Engineering is a good bit trickier but you can also work on this, just starting off with any software that allows you to play your music and apply an EQ, just start playing around and seeing how different you can make the sound! Grab Audacity which is a free audio editing program record some bits with your mic and then edit them with the EQ. Simple ways to get started and will also trigger parts of your brain to apply what your learning to your own content!

Public Speaking can be improved literally by talking! Now one of the easiest, and sometimes scariest ways of doing this is striking up conversations with complete strangers. If you are a streamer, then well you do this anyway but with the internet and a chat box between you and the ‘strangers’ think how much easier it gets when you can talk face to face with people. You can also google and find a local toastmasters club where it’s all about public speaking. Obviously the better you can converse and convey your content the better!

Social Marketing, well… You’ve read this blog right?

The idea here is start thinking of all the skills your using, now try and think of what skills your using and not even realizing it! Finally break them all down into easy to work on sets and invest as much as you want into it.

If you need any help figuring out some skills to work on or how to work on them feel free to drop a comment and I’ll help ya out!