Sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing and Paid Marketing.


Last week we talked about Monetizing your content and getting some steps in place to begin giving your fans ways to feel more connected to your content and you as well as helping to bring in some compensation for your work.

Are you ready to move your content creation?

The other side of monetization comes into using your influence over your fans to promote new items and services, or items and services that you already use!

Starting off the most common and easily attainable of these options are Affiliate Marketing offers. Now even when a company calls this a sponsorship, remember that it is not a true sponsorship if you’re not gaining anything unless a sale is completed. Which is the primary goal of Affiliate Marketing, you will usually offer a code, or a special link with a company and that will track sales made off you pitching their item or items. This is especially good for anyone who already is using a product that the company is offering and you can genuinely recommend. It is also an effective way to get your foot in the door with some companies for actual sponsorship in the future if you are good at generating them sales.

The next one, and probably the most thought about is actual Sponsorships. This is when you work a deal with a company and they provide you support in the form of product, cross-promotion via social channels, and potentially deals to have you promote their product at various events etc. Usually a deal will be made that you are visually showing use of product or talking about your use of the product. There may be an extra Affiliate option with in this to help you further generate money as well.

The final and usually the most profitable comes once you’ve gained a significant following. This is Paid Marketing or Influencer Marketing. With this one, you will basically be paid to promote a brands product. These deals may call for mentioning the product or showing the features of said product once per video, twice per stream or even just featuring their game for a period of time in your content. This is directly paid for and in the US you need to disclose this as well for your content. You can see examples all over places such as YouTube when looking in the comments.