Start Branding Yourself and Content Now!

The next step in the journey for getting your content out there and to the masses is to brand yourself, brand your content and this is more than just adding on a watermark to your content.

Your Brand is what will be used for you to market yourself with, it’s what will be shared when your content is shared by your fans. This makes it the utmost priority for you to begin creating.

To come up with your brand just ask yourself “Who am I?” and “What is my show?” these simple questions are usually very hard to answer the first time but I want you to think about it. If someone is telling you about a new stream they think you may like what are you going to ask? Who is this content creator and what do they do?

For example. My branding describes me as an Over the top gamer who has a lot of passion usually mistaken for rage and the show plays a bunch of Shooters mainly Halo and on Xbox One. This is what I think back to any time I am doing a promotional posting, be it on social media daily when I’m going live or in forum posts, or anytime I am asked about my show.

You’ll also want to create some identifiers for your brand. These also can come up naturally and are usually the best ones to go with. It also includes a logo or a visual reminder to help your fans and anyone just skimming through to identify a piece of your content quickly so they can choose to engage with it.

For regular identifiers, such as for voice or written text, it is usually best to use something that occurs naturally, just some short quote or quotes.

“Git Gud!”

“Let’s Go!”

“Get Some!”

See it doesn’t have to be a crazy winded speech or some 4 liner like a used car lot. I generally incorporate one of those in any promotional material I’m creating to further reinforce my branding.

I also use some unique images for branding my content depending on what it would call for.

I first have a visual representation of myself which was created by the awesome @gorivian one night when he popped in my stream, you can find him on twitter.

Skuggi’s Avatar which allows me a personal branding as needed.


Then awhile back I had a logo commissioned for my show, this included standalone images as well as watermark able images. This keeps everything on point, and gives me options to use for what content I need to brand and keep everything visually interesting for my viewers.

The biggest thing to remember though, is go back to your answers for the first 2 questions. Who am I? and What is my content about? After thinking about it, then apply that branding to anything that could potentially be promotional material for your content.

When you finish creating that promotional material, make sure to include your identifiers so it’s easily recognizable as your content. Your new content consumers will be using that to identify your past works which in turn will help turn them into loyal fans of your content and allow you to engage with them on a totally different level.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions and don’t forget to share this blog with any other content creators you know to help them along their journeys too!